Xanzwhite Travel Pack SkinCare


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Xanzwhite Travel Pack SkinCare
XANZWHITE Skincare is truly unique range of products contain the patented XANZWHITE Bioactive, multiple awards winning skin whitening composition researched and developed by SIRIM Berhad (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) biotechnologist expert which scientifically and clinically proven to whiten and soften the skin, revealing a radiant and glowing skin.

Xanzwhite cosmetics are effective for lightening the skin. This set acts in a safe way that stops the activation of enzyme tyrosinase that results in melanin. Melanin is an active ingredient in the skin caused by exposure to excessive light and determines the brightness of a person’s skin.

Travel Pack Xanzwhite Consists of:
Clarifying cleanser 30ml
Refreshing lotion 30ml
Day lightening fluid 15ml
Night multifaction treatment 15ml


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